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When one gets sick, they usually see their family doctor, a physician, that will either help or guide in the right direction.  My practice is a family practice in the sense that if something happens or if you have a legal issue or concern, I am your Family Attorney for all of your legal needs.  If I am not familiar with the subject matter, I will either help you or recommend an attorney specializing in that legal issue.  For nearly 20 years of my own practice, I gained a lot of expertise in various legal matters from negotiation and litigation of civil and criminal cases to representing people in purchasing or refinancing their homes, or helping them to establish a will and trust. 


I am a great negotiator and facilitator, sometimes people call and come in for general advise in financial or personal matters.   I am always there to help, to protect, and to get you the best outcome possible in any legal matter.


Thank you for taking interest in my firm, please feel to call or to email me with questions.  You can always reach me on my mobile number in there is an emergency at 617-538-8191. 

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